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Concierge Security Report 1 - July 2015

Family Security: Home Invasion and Burglary In Gated Communities and Affluent Neighborhoods
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Concierge Security Report 2 - August 2015

Executive & Family Travel: Global Safety Including Health, Cyber and Physical Security Measures
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Concierge Security Report 3 - September 2015

Enhancing Physical Security: The Impact of Internet and Social Media Exposure
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About Mindstar Security & Profiling

Concierge Security Services for Executives and Family Offices

Mindstar Security & Profiling specializes in solutions for the commercial industry focusing on high profile/high net worth executives, their families, and the organizations they lead. Security assessments and consultations include a unique perspective and blend of physical security, cyber security and behavioral profiling.

   • Threats to Corporate Executives or their Family Members
   • Executive Risk Assessments
   • Personal Property and Asset Vulnerability Assessments
   • Behavioral Profiling
   • Crisis Planning & Mitigation
   • Social Media Protection and Safety
   • Due Diligence Profiles
   • Customized Security Briefings for Boardrooms &
      Family Offices

Each Mindstar service is especially customized for the needs of the executive or his/her family members. We understand there are unique safety and security requirements for high net worth persons and their families such as: being in a social and financial demographic that is frequently targeted, journalist and media interest, personal brand management, unique staffing needs, non-commercial travel or transportation and the need for high degrees of privacy and confidentiality.

Custom Security Solutions

Information Security is becoming more relevant every day, even for those who do not use the Internet regularly. Cyber crime is big business; its growing fast and high net worth individuals are targets. In recent years, organized crime elements and gangs have taken over from the amateur hackers and they are focusing more and more on high net worth individuals.

Children, although typically tech-savvy, are naïve to the dangers of posting their personal information on public websites. Social networking puts them at even greater risk of unknowingly associating with a perpetrator who may target them because of the family's prosperity.

Our specialists have decades of experience servicing the security needs of corporate executives and their families

Dr. Terry Gudaitis founded Mindstar Security & Profiling in 2013. Prior to forming her own firm, Terry was the Vice President and Cyber Intelligence Director at Cyveillance, responsible for operations and management of the security/intelligence delivery organization. Before joining Cyveillance, Terry also held senior positions at SAIC, Psynapse Technologies LLC and Global Integrity Corporation. Before focusing on the commercial sector, Terry was an operations officer and behavioral profiler at the Central Intelligence Agency (Counter Terrorist Center).

In addition to her corporate related work, Terry is on the Board of MetaIntell, has served on the United States Secret Service Advisory Board for Insider Threat; trained investigators at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and regularly presents at national and international conferences. Her most current publications include a book on Social Engineering – Low Tech Hacking (2011) and, a book on profiling hackers entitled Cyber Deception (December 2015 – to be released and co-authored with FBI Agent Cameron Malin of the Behavioral Assessment Unit). Terry is also a featured speaker at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC.

Terry holds holds a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Binghamton, a Master’s Degree and PhD in Forensic Psychology from University of Florida.
For over 12 years, Chris Clark has assisted the Fortune 500 with some of their most sensitive cyber security issues. Chris has been utilizing open source information and proprietary software to exploit Internet and social media data. These incidents include physical threats to executives and/or facilities, boycotts, protests, class action lawsuits, violation of company blogging policies, information security vulnerabilities, different forms of online fraud, and other disruptive activity. He has focused on conducting threat assessments, industry trends, and other “deep dives” into Internet based information. Throughout his tenure, Chris has conducted hundreds of investigations including over 100 executive online assessments.

As a risk analyst, Chris was tasked with securing funds from high risk clients, as well as high dollar amounts that present a significant risk. His experience included risk mitigation, communication with clients and banks, requesting and receiving wire transfers, as well as background checks on individuals of interest and businesses.

Earlier in his career, Chris obtained a New York State Security Guard license working for an organization where he had to identify and diffuse tense and/or violent situations. He is also a Certified New York State Firefighter where he responded to a variety of calls including various types of fires, alarms, car accidents, and medical emergencies. Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Buffalo and a Master’s Degree in Intelligence Studies from Mercyhurst University.
Our team members all have 12+ years of experience working with executive clients who necessitate confidentiality and discretion. Each team member holds a Master's Degree (or PhD) in their fields of expertise whether it be intelligence studies, computer science, or threat/criminal behavior. Our team works together to bring the best security skills together including a breadth/depth of knowledge about the Internet/Social Media, Physical Security, and IT Security.

Some of the certifications held by our team members include:

  • EnCE
  • Security+
  • Red Hat Certified Technician
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • VMware Certified Professional
  • Body Guard/Security Guard License